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Practical measures Coronavirus

If you have a (nose) cold or sore throat or cough or fever:

Do not come to the practice, stay at home and contact the practice by PHONE only if you have serious complaints.

If you have a fever (above 38 degrees) and respiratory complaints (coughing, shortness of breath), do not come to the practice, but contact the practice by phone.

If you have no complaints and would like more information about the coronavirus, please visit or the RIVM website (

Since 1998 the general practice of Dr Verstappen is located in Health Centre Sweelinkplein in the district Duinoord at the Haque.

Sweelinckplein, located in the district Duinoord, is a beautiful monumental square with a lot greenery and historic buildings.

Health Centre Sweelinkplein is a collaborative form of several first-line caregivers with regular and intensive consultations between the various disciplines.

The general practice of Dr Verstappen over the years has become a leading modern general practice in The Hague with many facilities and a wide range of health services.

General practitioner Verstappen gives a lot of attention to quality, customer care and service, but also to the cooperation between the various care providers at Health Centre Sweelinkplein.

The following disciplines are working closely together at Health Centre Sweelinkplein: “ general medicine, sports medicine, occupational medicine, dentistry, dental hygienists, nutritionists, (sports) physiotherapy, manual therapy, rehabilitation and reintegration and exercise physiology ”.

There is also a laboratory, so that patients do not have to go to the hospital for blood testing.

For caregivers, it is important to have contact with each other in complex health issues and the quality of care is lifted to a higher level by sharing knowledge, experience and job satisfaction.

For the patient, it is very nice that all caregivers are easily accessible at Health Centre Sweelinkplein.

General practitioner Verstappen has the pivotal role and offers personalized care at a high level. He is often the first point of contact for the patient and if necessary he refers to other health care providers.

The way of working of General practitioner Verstappen is characterized by open communication, personal approach and commitment to each patient.

Approachability,, customer service and patient satisfaction are core values of the general practice.

Everyone who enters the practice, should feel welcome.

The pursuit of general practice Verstappen is that the patient experiences the care given as the best care in the neighborhood and that the patient gets exactly the treatment that is needed.

At practice Verstappen multiple languages are spoken. Expats are therefore also welcome in practice.Register online

Doctor Verstappen

General practitioner Verstappen is founder of Health Centre Sweelinkplein in the district Duinoord at the Haque.

He completed his GP training at the University of Leiden in 1995.

Before his GP training, doctor Verstappen completed his education for sports physician at the University of Utrecht.

Doctor Verstappen has become a leading experienced general practitioner in the Hague.

A personal approach, involvement with each patient, continuity and open communication are important features. And supported by good medical knowledge and skills.

Due to his sports medicine background, doctor Verstappen has special affinity for orthopedics, cardiology, preventive care, student care and sports medicine.

He was the team physician of the men’s Dutch National Hockeyteam for many years.

At this moment doctor Verstappen is active as Chief Medical Officer of Team NL (Dutch Olympic Team).

The general practice of doctor Verstappen is open all year on weekdays.

The general practice is open to new patients and you canregister online

Of course you can call or come by the practice at Sweelinckplein Heath Center to enroll.

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