Health insurance

The care of the general practice of Dr Verstappen is covered by the basic insurance.

The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA) established that Dr Verstappen may declare a registration fee each quarter to patients who are registered with him. This means that for every registered patient 24/7 GP care is guaranteed.

An insured person pays deductibles if 18 years or older and uses care of the basic package. Except when it comes to care for which there is no deductible, such as GPs, obstetric and maternity care and integrated care. The government has established the compulsory excess for 2017 at 385,- Euro.

The Care Institute determines which drugs from the pharmacy belong to the basic package. Also your health insurance polis tells you in global which medicines are reimbursed. When in doubt, ask your health care provider. An insured person always has a compulsory excess and sometimes needs to pay for medicines.

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