Sports Medicine

Sport Medical Center The Hague is founded by dr Verstappen and is located in Health Centre Sweelinkplein in the district Duinoord at the Haque.

From 1996 - 2008 Dr. Verstappen was the team physician of the men’s Dutch National Hockeyteam.

He has also been active as a medical doctor at several Olympics (Nagano 1998, Sydney 2000, Atlanta 2004, Beiijng 2008, London 2012, Sochii 2014 and Rio 2016).

Currently Doctor Verstappen is working as Chief Medical Officer and GP of TeamNL (Dutch Olympic Team).

He is also federal physician of the Dutch Ski Association, medical manager of the profesional cycling Team Jumbo-Visma and member of the medical staff of the Netherlands Dance Theater.

In addition, Dr Verstappen is member of the Olympic Medical Panel NOC.NSF.

Sports Medical Center The Haque, led by Dr Verstappen, has become a leading Sports Medical Center in the Netherlands and is part of the Olympic network The Hague / Haaglanden.

But not only elite athletes can contact Sport Medical Center The Hague.

Everyone, regardless of level or age, is welcome.

Sports Medical Center The Hague offers sports medical knowledge to a wide audience and is the place for all your sports medicine questions and problems.

Sport Medical Center The Haque is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

There is a nationwide collaboration with top specialists, such as sports physicians, orthopedic surgeons, sports physiotherapists, manual therapists, exercise physiologists and sports dietitians.

The following sportmedical services are available:
Diagnoses and treatment of sports injuries

A sports injury can be very annoying for an athlete.

Fast diagnosis and state of the art treatment is the solution.

Sports Medical Center The Haque is specialized in all acute and chronic sports injuries.

The doctor makes an expert diagnosis and treatment plan.

This can be done in a multi-disciplinary team with the physical therapist. Consultation with, or reference to another medical specialist is also possible.

Health Checks / Preventive Sports Medical Tests

Preventive Sports Medicine Examination has the following objectives; health monitoring, measuring and improving physical fitness, prevention of health problems and counseling, with the aim to improve your general health by influencing your lifestyle.

Preventive Sports Medicine Examination is aimed at mapping the general health and is important to detect health-threatening factors at an early stage, but also to prevent them.

There is a special focus on the relationship between abnormalities found, risk factors and eating and living habits and targeted and feasible (lifestyle) advices will be given to avoid health problems.

Cardiovascular Screening

Cardiovascular screening is intended to detect individuals with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in order to prevent possible sudden cardiac death.

Cardiovascular screening consists among other things of completing a targeted questionnaire (aimed at both the individual and his / her family), a comprehensive physical examination and an Electrocardiogram (ECG). This can be extended with a maximal exercise stress test under ECG control.

Lifestyle Counseling and Health education

There is a lot of experience in giving effective lifestyle counseling and health advices.

After extensive analysis, you will get achievable (lifestyle) advice in order to avoid health problems.

Mandatory sports medical tests

For participation in various sports a certificate of physical examination is mandatory.

Sports Medical Center The Hague performs such mandatory physical examination in accordance with the inspection requirements laid down by the sports federation.

For the following sports / sports federations is a certificate of physical examination is mandatory:

* KNAF (racing, over 40 years old an exercise stress test mandatory)

* the KNMV (motorcycle)

* the KNWU (cycling)

* Subadiving

* Parachutting



Periodic Sports Medical Tests

Periodic Sports Medical Examination has a preventive character and is designed to achieve safe and responsible practicing of sport.

Periodic Sports Medical Examination has a number of targets; health monitoring, measurement of cardiovascular fitness, prevention and counseling.

Examination methodes are adapted to the sports intensity and age.

A full Periodic Sports Medical Eamination is the appropriate screening for people who want know their cardiovascular status and physical fitness.

Seafarer and Offshore medical examinations

Sports Medicical Center The Hague provides Seafarer and Offshore Medical Examinations.

The tests are performed by a certified physician, specifically approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

Sports Medicical Center The Hague is a NOGEPA certified (Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association) and is authorized to validate your Personal Safety Log.

Nutrition Counseling

Good nutrition is the foundation for good health and delivering physical performance.

Sports Medical Center The Hague gives customized (sport) nutritional advices.

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